How To Fix Xbox One Headset


common xbox one headset troubleshooting head to the xbox one settings which you can find in the left sidebar menu here go to display sound and then to volume here you will see several options including a slider for chat mixer make sure that slider is in the middle so that other chat sounds are not muted, to test the headset start a party requires internet connectivity to test the audio sign in to xbox live on your xbox one console press the xbox button to open the guide under party select start a party you dont need to invite anyone for this test make sure your mic is not muted in , this headset also comes with the stereo headset adapter and a usb cable the adapter has five buttons that control the microphones mute function adjust game and chat volume balance and control overall speaker volume the adapter plugs directly into an xbox one controller and connects to the headset using a 35 mm audio jack how to fix xbox one headset

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just start from the top and work your way down you xbox one headset may work fine again make sure the headset is not muted update xbox one controller to make sure you have the latest software check your devices connection make sure your controller has fresh batteries try using a different controller or headset, adapter is incorrectly connected to the controller the adapter may not be firmly connected to the xbox one controller this interference may prevent the headset from playing sound in one or both speakers disconnect the adapter from the controller and reconnect it again

for more help check out microsofts tips on setting up and troubleshooting the xbox one wired headset if none of the above issues helped you might have to contact xbox support or get it replaced if none of the above issues helped you might have to contact xbox support or get it replaced, the xbox one doesnt have a good way to selftest a microphone so i used the skype apps test call echo123 to hear for myself using the stock chat headset worked fine that meant the problem wasnt with my system or controller but between the stereo headset adapter or headset itself, stereo headset adapter isnt working try your stereo headset adapter on another controller if you can if the adapter works on the second controller try updating the first controller again if that fails the controller will need to be replaced to order a replacement go to the xbox online service center Description: The Wallpaper of how to fix xbox one headset from