How To Drop Items In Fortnite Ps4

you have two options for dropping weapons and items in fortnite battle royale if youre playing on pc 1 access the inventory by pressing i select the item that you want to discard 2 this is a slightly faster method than the above and so comes highly recommended, how to drop items in fortnite br on console opening the inventory may vary for your controller however in most cases it will be the dpad up button if it isnt you can take a look at your controller scheme use your left analogue or dpad to navigate through your items if youre on an xbox one use x whilst ps4 players can use square to drop items from your inventory, this video shows how to drop items in fortnites battle royale pvp online mode no nonsense nice and quick for dummies like myself subscribe wwwyoutubecomc how to drop items in fortnite ps4

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in this video i am going to show how to drop items off your inventory which you can share with your team mates secondly i will show you how to rearrange the inventory to make money on the side , drop items in fortnite save the world to drop an item select it then press the drop button in the bottom right corner of the interface remember this only drops weapons and not schematics its impossible to trade schematics in the current point of the game, 1 responses 0 walk over to the defender and stand next to them go into your inventory and select the item you want to drop be it a weapon bullets or anything else that you might want to give to a defender the controls wil be listed at the bottom of the screen and you will see an option down there to drop the item

about fortnite save the world pve is an action building game from epic games server status online early access the game is currently in paid early access, just drag the item out towards the centre there is one more way press i by default and open the backpack then just drag or click drop button in ps4 click this video shows how to drop items in fortnites battle royale pvp online mode no nonsense nice and, to drop a weapon you need to go into your inventory which you open by pressing i on your keyboard the the down button on the ps4 or xbox one controller on the inventory menu you will be able to view your weapons ammo and resources it is also the menu that will allow you to choose which weapons you want to drop Description: The Pics of how to drop items in fortnite ps4 from