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all headsets that are xbox 360 compatible require a 25mm to 35mm cable such as the ps4 talkback cable to connect to the xbox one controller for chat if you have an older xbox one controller that does not have a 35mm headset jack you will also need to purchase a headset audio controller or headset audio controller plus, stealth 600 for xbox one turtle beach audio hub update firmware and customize controls xo four stealth using two headsets on one xbox console how to connect to an xbox one controller headset audio controller plus, in the past ive used the component red and white cables through my 360 but im really confused as to what im doing wrong on the xbox one i know this maybe a stupid question but any help would be greatly appreciated, in this section xbox will refer to the cable from your xbox one headset and headset will refer to the cable from your current gaming headset turtle beach xl1 credit to jeffidiah how to connect turtle beach to xbox one

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grab a turtle beach dss or dss 2 off of ebay or a from a store and connect the headset to that instead you connect the usb and the stereo audio jack to the dss and connect the dss to the xbox via an optical cable this will give you your game audio in surround sound even and then then you just connect, turtle beachs line of headsets which includes the sierra kilo and bravo offers robust audio when connected to your computer connect the plug at the end of the multipin amplifier to the

how do i connect turtle beach xo7 39s to my xbox via a optical cable ive connected it via the the wireless controller with the adpater provided but wanted to see how it would sound plugged directly into the xbox one do my question is what cables would i need to be able to do this , i am currently using the x12s with the xbox one and ive been able to get game audio through without using anything other than what comes with the x12s 1 plug your x12 usb into a usb port on your xbox one console or anywhere you can that is a power source laptop phone charger plug etc 2, 3 same as the point 1 but with the xbox audio settings suggested by turtle beach 4 same as the point 2 but with the xbox audio settings suggested by turtle beach i tried all of this settings and all look to sound good but i dont know if some of that settings can give me some troubles in certain conditions, turtle beach has stated xbox one uses proprietary technology that only microsoft can produce and manufacture we have no control over this so as frustrated that i am for paying 300 for the turtle beach tango i decided to take action and make something work to get my headsets up and running Description: The Images of how to connect turtle beach to xbox one from