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we have released an awesome ingame overlay app that allows you to track your stats as well as the stats of your friends also when you get killed we give you the stats on who killed you were constantly working on more events and a lot to come, zebrastealer 2 points3 points4 points 6 months ago 2 children complete bs to reset the stats on a live game if they want to have a current monthly leader board great just add a new filter to the stats rather than wipe them clean, to keep things as simple as possible weve created a bullet velocity score that can grade weapons on all of the stats above at once this allows players to get a quick glance at how effective a weapon can be at range it uses the awm as a control score our score used to rate weapons can go from 0 to 150, all discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews i would like to see a feauture to allow us to reset stats i play this game casually but the stats is making me sadface especially the win percentage stat that is mega low for most casual players how to clear pubg stats

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about this is a subreddit for the game playerunknowns battlegrounds also known as pubg this is a place for discussion of the game for sharing of clips and to generally enjoy the game as a community, how to check stats in pubg in pubg players can track their stats to review different figures of interest such as ratios win percentages and total number of kills

pubg is getting monthly leaderboard resets at the beginning of each month the games leaderboards will be reset brendan playerunknown greene announced in a developer blog post the resets will be in an effort to fully balance the elo ranking system in the game next tuesday aug 1 we will reset our leaderboard once again said greene, 15x in close range turned on live tv from 60 channels 6 accounts per household no cable box required, january 11 2018 march 26 2018 pubg tips pubg snipers in this pubg win94 guide well take a look at how you can master one of the newest weapons in the game use this guide to learn how to use the winchester 94 in the most optimum way and check out its stats, pubg player stats detailed statistics for the current season and your lifetime of pubg get detailed data about your wins kills combat skills survival skills and recent matches Description: The Pictures of how to clear pubg stats from