How Do I Make An Effective Minecraft Smp Trap Arqade


27 answers i find a very effective trap to be a very deep 1 by 1 pit with a hopper and chests at the bottom at the top there should be a button that opens a piston leading into the pit the top part of the tunnel should be disguised as a water elevator with a sign saying this is a trap, arqade meta your communities sign up or how do you make an effective minecraft mob trap ask question 37 12 alright so whats the best way to go about making a good mob trap in minecraft here are some traits id like to have in the trap how do i make an effective minecraft smp trap 1 whats wrong with my mob trap 2, minecraft simple easy and effective smp trap tutorial easy simple and effective minecraft smp trap dont forget to subscribe rsa music used in intro minecraft super fast piston how do i make an effective minecraft smp trap arqade

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7 effective traps for minecraft 1 sep 7 2010 puresalvation puresalvation view user profile view posts send message with my smp level theres signs saying dont go underground to the tunnells thing is theres tons of diamond and stuff in there but i also put tons of 1x1x2 tnt traps with water at the bottom and a pressure plate so i know

wonderhowto pc games how to make your own multiplayer minecraft smp server by samakar 12910 408 pm wonderhowto how to make effective water trenches and canals in minecraft how to fly in minecraft 18 by installing the fly mod with mc patcher hd , similar to pit traps the falling sand trap works by collapsing the sand or gravel blocks that the players are standing on which is often deadly due to the fall damage this trap can also work on the opposite as it can also be used to burry players in an avalanche of sandgravel which make players subject to suffocation, hey guys here is a quick video showing a simple yet effective minecraft trap this trap can be used in many different ways minecraft simple yet effective smp trap redstormsassassin loading Description: The Pics of how do i make an effective minecraft smp trap arqade from