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dota vs hon home guides dota vs hon if you are a fan of the game defence of the ancients dota you will probably find hon has several heroes with skills that resemble the dota characters it is easy for you to pickup and start battling with your friends right away agility heroes, fayde tremble and aluna are often compared to nyx assassin broodmother and windranger respectively but are not officially recognized as dota ports see also hon item comparison references indepth comparison of hon and dota heroes on heroes of newerth wiki, similar to heroes hon shares great similarities to dota in terms of items every item that had existed in dota was ported to hon during beta but similar to heroes items were rebalanced changed and some were even removed item categories work slightly differently in hon from dota hon vs dota

The Game Of Brum Featuring INsania Dota Vs HoN YouTube

rcv channel channel untuk fun sub and like back song wwe superstar tj perkins playing with power full video lc only at onlybrother dota2 httpswwwyoutu, plus most dota 2 players see the word dota and this ends their thought process i play all 3 games and have very little reason to play dota 2 unless a friend who plays dota 2 instead of hon because its dota wants to play with me, movement speed slow and mana regenbonus spell damage vs creeps are increased even further grimoire of power an upgrade to lightbrand providing flat mana regen and bonus spell damage vs creeps as well as 15 increased damage with abilities and items

the case of dota 2 vs heroes of newerth the call is actually pretty difficult to make dota 2 definitely looks the better game but for a two year old game heroes of newerth definitely brings it in the end though dota definitely looks cleaner the interface nicer the quality of the world and the textures better, this guide is mainly written for people who played the popular warcraft 3 map defence of the ancients dota for a while got familiar with it and now made the transition to heroes of newerth hon it will note most of the hon items and heroes which have an equivalent in dota as well as new features of the game, hon hero dota hero notes arachna drow ranger viper shares similarities to drow rangers frost arrows and and vipers corrosive skin nethertoxin and viper strike Description: The Wallpaper of hon vs dota from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJkdf3Q_Lx0