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the gian speeder was a repulsorlift vehicle and heavy patrol speeder used by the royal guards of naboo it was a heavier version of the flash speeder gian speeders were normally used for crowd control and urban defense they were equipped with sidemounted laser cannons wookieepedia is a fandom movies community, the gian211 patrol speeder was a model of repulsorlift speeder in operation during the era of the resistance the gian211 was an armored speeder powered by a shrouded repulsorlift generator at the vehicles aft steered with a control yoke it was armed with forwardmounted defensive laser, group 3 was a squad of one gian speeder and was formed as diversionary force by the royal naboo security forces in 32 bby to assist in the recapture of the planet naboos capital theed from the group 3 wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia, wookieepedia is a fandom movies community view mobile site new in entertainment fall tv wikiaent fall tv wikiaent gian speeder wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia

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the barc speeder biker advanced recon commando speeder is a speeder vehicle for the galactic republic in dices star wars battlefront ii it was released on november 28 2018 along with the new geonosis map in galactic assault barc speeder on wookieepedia references edit star wars battlefront wiki is a fandom games community view , used by the rebel alliance this speeder was used during the imperial assault on the ice planet hoth while rebel pilots stood no chance against walkers rogue squadrons snowspeeders delayed the imperials long enough to allow the alliances leaders to escape they are powered by a pair of repulsorlift drive units and high powered

the gian speeder is a modified sorosuub v19 landspeederit was commonly used by naboo royal security force to keep naboo peaceful and nrs forces adapted the technology for use as an assault craft reinforced hull plating and increased maneuverability make the gian speeder an excellent vehicle for patrol duties, industrial light and magics ilm doug chiang design the naboo flash speeder with a race car look while the gian speeders appearance is ilms response to lucas request that the naboo troops have a pickup truck with guns depiction, the phantom menace is the 8th expansion of star wars tcg published by wizards of the coast in may 2004 this expansion consists of 90 cards and 90 foil cards it was available in 11card boosters, lego has made one set featuring a flash speeder 7124 flash speeder they were used alongside the larger and more heavily armed gian speeder they were used alongside the larger and more heavily armed gian speeder Description: The Images of gian speeder wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia from