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gerard way in spin magazine 2010 blakes mind cindy is a multiaward winning bestselling author of romantic suspense novels including st martins press and silhouette desire gerard is een jongensnaam van germaanse oorsprong de naam betekent sterk met de speer en gaat terug op twee stammen ger betekenis speer en hard betekenis hard sterk stevig, spin mag 2010 gerard way of my chem skip navigation sign in interview with gerard way for spin magazine feb 2010 duration mind boggler 3261554 views new, gerard way born this way sassy diva a splitting of the mind duration interview with gerard way for spin magazine feb 2010 duration , gerard way used to be a drug addict and he struggled a lot with the habit of having alcohol but currently he is sober once he said to spin magazine that he has become a happier person after he got control in alcohol and drugs gerard way in spin magazine 2010 blakes mind

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