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geforce is a brand of graphics processing units gpus designed by nvidia as of the geforce 20 series there have been fifteen iterations of the design, pregeforce model launch code name fab bus interface core clock memory clock core config 1 fillrate memory api support moperationss second generation transform and lighting tl nvidia shading rasterizer nsr highdefinition video processor hdvp geforce2 mx models support digital vibrance control dvc model launch code name, the geforce 20 series is a family of graphics processing units developed by nvidia and was announced at gamescom on august 20 2018 it is the successor to the geforce 10 series 5 and started shipping on september 20 2018, the geforce 700 series is a series of graphics processing units developed by nvidia while mainly a refresh of the kepler microarchitecture gkcodenamed chips some cards use fermi gf and later cards use maxwell gm geforce wikipedia

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citation needed geforce 4 mx was particularly successful in the pc oem market and rapidly replaced the geforce 2 mx as the bestselling gpu in motionvideo applications the geforce4 mx offered new functionality it and not the geforce4 ti was the first geforce member to feature the nvidia vpe video processing engine, serving as the introduction of fermi the geforce 400 series is a series of graphics processing units developed by nvidia its release was originally slated in november 2009 however after delays it was released on march 26 2010 with availability following in april 2010

the geforce 300 series is a series of teslabased graphics processing units developed by nvidia first released in november 2009 its cards are rebrands of the geforce 200 series cards available only for oems all gpus of the series support direct3d 101 except the gt 330 direct3d 100, the geforce 4 ti was an enhancement of the geforce 3 technology with realtime 3d graphics technology continually advancing the release of directx 90 brought further refinement of programmable pipeline technology with the arrival of shader model 20 the geforce fx series is nvidias first generation direct3d 9compliant hardware, in late 1999 nvidia released the geforce 256 nv10 most notably introducing onboard transformation and lighting tl to consumerlevel 3d hardware running at 120 mhz and featuring four pixel pipelines it implemented advanced video acceleration motion compensation and hardware subpicture alpha blending, the geforce 600 series contains products from both the older fermi and newer kepler generations of nvidia gpus kepler based members of the 600 series add the following standard features to the geforce family 7 the geforce gt 630 gddr5 card is a rebranded geforce gt 440 gddr5 Description: The Pics of geforce wikipedia from