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the official resource for all things dark crystal, the great division of the urskeks had been achieved on that day the harmony of the world shattered the only chance for the urskeks to be born again and for the world of the dark crystal to become whole once again was for jen to succeed in his quest, before the age of wonder prologuethe little gelfling hurrying steadily through the lightly lit corridor carried the heavy burden of scrolls and books which combined were way too much for her and she had to gasp and huff to not lose her breath her work was maybe heavy but her duties rather pleasant comparing to those who worked under for example lord skekna who treated his servant , the urskeks were noble beings shining with an inner light who entered the world through the crystal in attempting to perfect themselves they accidentally tore themselves apart to become two distinct races mystics and skeksis only if a gelfling healed the dark crystal before the next great gallery urskeks

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another world another time in the age of wonder from genius filmmaker jim henson comes the fantastical story of the dark crystal many years ago the mysterious dark crystal was damaged and an age of chaos began led by the evil race of grotesque birdlike lizards the skeksis who rule with an iron claw, the urskeks created a network of mirrors around the crystal which would focus the rays of the three suns shining down on the crystal onto each of them thus burning away the evil in their souls however when the great conjunction began one urskek gave into its darker nature resulting in great division of the urskeks into skeksis and urru

before the urskeks split into the skeksis and urru each one of them was skilled in a specific area shared by no other in their group by mixing the jobs of the two halves together the original job can be ascertained, the castle of the crystal is a gigantic castle that is the imperial capital in the alien world of thra and a location in the 1982 jim henson fantasy movie the dark crystal it was a beautiful place made entirely of all crystal and once the home of the ancient urskeks until the crystal cracked, urstickers, gallery about brisketu brisketu is the perfect setting for indoor and outdoor handson instruction on smoking brisket and other cuts of beef pork and fowl experienced pitmasters passionate about the bbq culture teach proven techniques for mastering your bbq pit Description: The Images of gallery urskeks from