Fortnite Shooting Galleries


fortnite shooting galleries there is a weighted platform on the ground at each location that players must stand on in order to activate the bullseye targets since this challenge involves shooting make sure to obtain a weapon with some ammo first before heading to each of these shooting galleries, the third and final fortnite shooting gallery is east of paradise palms near the coast and its an interesting one as the targets are quite a distance north of the pad on the other side of a cove, fortnite shooting gallery locations map all the shooting galleries are conveniently located on the east coast of the map retails being slightly more inland, here are all the locations of the shooting galleries you need to hit to complete fortnites season 6 week 4 challenges on ps4 xbox one pc switch and mobile fortnite shooting galleries

All Fortnite Shooting Galleries Locations Where To Get A

once fortnite battle royale players reach these shooting galleries they ought to see a little grey activation platform ringed with targets on the ground along with a nearby scoreboard so go , epic add new things to fortnite to keep the game interesting and weve seen that shooting galleries have been added around the map these have now been incorporated in the weekly challenges with one of the challenges for season 6 week 4 being get a score of 3 or more at different shooting galleries

fortnite week 10 shooting gallery locations wailing woods for the first match head to wailing woods because this is the location of the first shooting gallery the only vague description that , week 10 challenge shooting gallery locations in fortnite there are three different shooting galleries you need to head to in fortnite as this is a staged challenge in week 10, finding the shooting gallery locations in various locations across the map is one of fortnites many weekly challenges specifically east of wailing woods north of retail row and east of paradise , fortnite shooting galleries map and location week 4 season 6 one of the harder fortnite battle royale challenges in week 4 for season 6 battle pass holders get a score of 3 or more at 5 different shooting galleries the hardest part of this challenge is figuring out the various locations of the shooting galleries on the fortnite map Description: The Pics of fortnite shooting galleries from