Fortnite Power Chord Coming Back Epic Games Updates Item


fortnite power chord coming back epic games updates item

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the official fortnite twitter account has teased what could be coming to the fortnite item shop tonight with a tweet that suggests that the power chord skin could be making a return along with two skins that were datamined from the v54 files, power chord is a punk female costume for fortnite br design the power chord outfit is a femaleonly outfit inspired by rockstar punks this legendary the six string is the name of one of the legendary back bling items for the game fortnite battle anarchy axe april 8 2018 this skin seriously needs to come back come on epic games, epic games popular battle royale title fortnite brings back the rare power chord skin as well as its accompanying volume 11 gear via the item shop for a limited time

if power chord is returning tonight that means it will likely be in the item shop tonight september 9 when the shop updates at 8 pm eastern 7 pm central5 pm pacific 12 am utc, power chord is a longwanted skin with pink spiky hair and an electric guitar back bling players have been begging epic games to rerelease the skin for ages mostly because it was only in the item shop for a short period of time and not many players actually bought it, epic games creating owning this model and fortnite arachnitfortnitecharactersfemalemediumkumikoskinpowerchordoldmdl arachnitfortniteanimationsfemaledanceemotesmediummdl popular discussions view like to bring back power chord tag aug 16 2018 1039pm you should make a shadow ops skin for garrys mod if you can Description: The Images of fortnite power chord coming back epic games updates item from