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patch notes for fortnite v730 chiller grenade mobile controller support and more epic games have just released the patch notes for fortnite v730 featuring the new chiller grenade mobile controller support and more, fortnite received update v720 on january 15 and several bugs were discovered with the new patch including ghost peeking pickaxe sound bugs and more, fortnite has released the muchanticipated v720 patch take a look at the highlights and noteworthy changes here v720 has been one of the more exciting updates to fortnite in recent memory we got a lot of news about some positive improvements so lets take a look at what we can look forward to weaponitem additions fortnite patch

Throw A Portable Deathtrap With Fortnites New Spiky

this page lists all the updates for fortnite battle royale along with the base game weve included information on the most important thing from each update in the table click each version to see

following a delay epic games has released update 740 for fortnite with its release the company has released the full patch detailing exactly whats being added tweaked or changed the , downtime for the fortnite v710 update has begun and here are the patch notes for the update the diftboard was teased yesterday as the ingame news feed updated to show the board however epic had to delay the release in order to make some final quality of life changes we already knew there would be , the leading source for fortnite battle royale news updates fortnite leaks more Description: The Pics of fortnite patch from