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auron ˈɔːɹən is a playable character in final fantasy x he is a former warrior monk of yevon a guardian of summoner braska and tiduss caretaker auron watches over tidus while concealing his mysterious past tying him into the stories of braska and tiduss father jecht after auron takes, final fantasy x aurons story a tribute spoilers dansg08 the story of auron aurons origins explained final fantasy x lore duration 2658 final fantasy union 100897 views, final fantasy x 16 scale auron figure from kotobukiyaartfx final fantasy x10 16 scale auron figure by kotobukiya by final fantasy 28500 285 00 free shipping on eligible orders only 1 left in stock order soon see details free shipping on all texastoyz items see details, auron rikku stoic na na na na na na na warrior 150 200 160 300 120 100 140 healer final fantasy x wiki guide walkthrough walkthrough chapter 01 zanarkand final fantasy x auron

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final fantasy x is a roleplaying game developed by square co in 2001 yeah thats right you can always count on auron to complicate things talking about sins jechts arrival at operation miihen final fantasy series navigation menu personal tools not logged in talk contributions create account log in namespaces, final fantasy x an alternate continuation by goldenvalkyrie reviews after defeating sin spira is in complete confusion and disarray finding herself unable to answer questions yuna retreats to besaid and joins the besaid aurochs as a way to cope with the loss of her love

remember the flashback when the party goes to the farplane when tidus is talking about his mom and how she would hardly pay attention to him when she was with jecht, main characters of final fantasy x as shown from left to right kimahri ronso rikku auron yuna lulu tidus and wakka characters of final fantasy x2 as shown from left to right nooj rikku paine yuna lenne and shuyin, final fantasy x2 aurons voice can also be heard during the final boss fight of final fantasy x2 here he motivates yuna rikku and paine to defeat vegnagun he is also seem in a backflash during chapter 5 meeting gippal in the bikanel desert if the player views gippals sphere of which they can obtain appearance and personality, auron was originally a playable character from final fantasy xa wise monk shrouded in mystery he acts as the guardian of yuna and a mentor towards tidus he was close to both of their fathers the high summoner braska and fellow guardian jecht respectively Description: The Pictures of final fantasy x auron from