Final Fantasy 9 Under 12 Hours


if you cant make it to the gate to space in less than 12 hours just wait another 2 years and 98 days for the clock to reset and the legendary sword will be back if you think thats too long , a mysterious william a foster the excalibur ii perfect game is the ultimate attempt at completing a perfect save file in final fantasy ix contrary to initial impressions the excalibur ii obtainable in memoria only within 12 hours of starting the game and a completionist playthrough are not mutually exclusive, final fantasy ix pc ps3 psx iphone psp android vita ps4 you must get to the final dungeon in under twelve hours for steiners sword to i did the 12 hour quest to get the excalibur ii for , for final fantasy ix on the playstation a gamefaqs answers question titled excalibur 2 in 12 hours there are so many boss fights you have your whole party under virus or somthing matter for days and have been reading the faqs but dont fully understand some of the progression and to get there in 12 hours sucks how can you enjoy final fantasy 9 under 12 hours

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final fantasy 9 excalibur 2 information excalibur 2 is steiners strongest weapon and the hardest weapon in the game to get in order to get this fantastic weapon you must reach the very end of memoria the very last dungeon in the game within 12 hours , final fantasy ix ファイナルファンタジーix fainaru fantajī nain and square dropped the idea for final fantasy x which was under development at the time on december 18 2012 the game was rereleased as part of the final fantasy 25th anniversary ultimate box japanese package

one of final fantasy ixs more notorious secrets is the excalibur ii sword which can only be obtained by speeding through the game start to finish in under 12 hours via neogaf source gamefaqs, how long is final fantasy ix howlongtobeat has the answer create a backlog submit your game times and compete with your friends 41½ hours main extras 55½ hours completionist 83 hours all styles aliases final fantasy 9 ff9 developer square publisher square , entirely possible to beat in around 10 hours or maybe even less hell to get the best weapon in the game you need to get partway through the final dungeon in under 12 hours about, best answer it means you went over 100 hours you are at 104 hours 30 minuets 30 seconds i started to play it again 3 weeks ago i am 63 hours in on disc 3 when i played final fantasy viii it did the same thing in that game i was like 80 hours in the red to get excalibur ii you need to beat the game in under 12 hours Description: The Images of final fantasy 9 under 12 hours from