Final Fantasy 8 On Ps4

ff viii is still one of my all time favorites im sure it will come to ps4 at some point now that ix has it will drop out of nowhere just like vii and ix did, final fantasy 8 is the 3rd best selling game in the franchise 7 sold 2 million more and 10 sold 12 a million more respectively 8 outsold 9 by about 2 million as well bustos86 dec 13 2017 , the entire final fantasy series has been getting redone with remasters remakes and rereleases except for one big exception why exactly is final fantasy viii not coming to the ps4 and switch final fantasy 8 on ps4

World Of Final Fantasy PS4 Vs Vita Comparison YouTube

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final fantasy viii is a roleplaying and singleplayer video game created and published by square the title serves as the 8 th installment in the longrunning series of final fantasy the game takes place in the unnamed fantasy world with an emphasis on scifi elements, in a recent interview with edamame arcade channel square enixs yoshinori kitase said there are no current plans to port final fantasy viii to ps4 or ios but it might happen at some point in the future, why not bring final fantasy 8 and 9 to ps4 user info flash flash 2 years ago 1 im trying to play the best final fantasy games but they dont wanna add them to the ps store bring in those damn pc ports user info crimsonxiii crimsonxiii 2 years ago 2 in time they will imo just gotta wait Description: The Pics of final fantasy 8 on ps4 from