Final Fantasy 7 Ending

the ending of final fantasy vii it has music so it wont be so dull and i added the nanaki scene as well enjoy , final fantasy viis ending was mysterious and genuinely bold for the time leading to a whole lot of confusion and handwringing when it was released advertisement if youre not familiar with final fantasy 7 ending

Final Fantasy XIII Ending Story Walkthrough Part 45

it seems like this is both controversial but confirmed through an interview with yoshinori kitase lead developer of the final fantasy series and kazushige nojima the scenario writer of final fantasy vii on the published ultimania for x2, final fantasy vii makes references to the number 7 the rest of the final fantasy series as well as mythology folklore and religion and popular culturethe loveless album by my bloody valentine as a known exampleamong others trivia edit final fantasy vii is the first final fantasy game to show blood in a scene

final fantasy 7 ending explained 1 the life stream stopped meteor see summary of final fantasy 7 story 2 the planet was saved according to the movie final fantasy advent children which is considered the extension to ffvii story the planet and humans survived, final fantasy vii ending interpretation spoilers user info tarnion tarnion 9 years ago 1 when i first played this game and saw the ending the line that really struck me was the line where i think red said holy is having the opposite effect the way the i interpreted this was that it meant that holy was having an effect opposite of what Description: The Wallpaper of final fantasy 7 ending from