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for years fans including myself have begged squareenix for a real remake of final fantasy 6 instead we got a terrible mobile portremakeas a lifelong fan of final fantasy 6 when i first saw images of octopath traveler the hd2d graphics style immediately made me think of a real final fantasy 6 remake, final fantasy vii remake coming to switch the game is confirmed for release on ps4 however nintendo switch fans have been given a big boost about a possible release hajime tabata director of final fantasy 15 previously said that tests had been carried out to see how the unreal engine 4 performed on the switch, therefore excuse me but i think ffvii remake on the switch is more than possible just because of that plus japan loves portables so playing final fantasy vii a legendary game being remade on the go sounds way too good to miss such oportunity square enix loves the switch and has good relationship with nintendo lately so add all of these , 50 games like final fantasy vi for nintendo switch daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms this list includes battle chasers nightwar final fantasy xv pocket edition hd octopath traveler valkyria chronicles 4 and 46 more final fantasy 6 remake switch

Square Enix39s Tetsuya Nomura Says Final Fantasy VII Remake

final fantasy fans certainly had plenty to be happy about during todays nintendo direct presentation most notably thanks to the fact that final fantasy ix stealthdropped onto switch immediately , cloud strife is coming to the switch all of these titles are arriving some time in 2019 and naturally it looks like nintendo is leaving out final fantasy viii which is the one installment in

a remake of final fantasy vi i would be completely ok if we didnt get ffvii or kh3 if they announced that a remake of final fantasy vi was coming to nintendo switch ill preface knowing square enix this would come out in 2030 if were lucky however in this dream scenario here are some reasons this wouldnt be all that out there of a , final fantasy vii remake will square enix switch up on nintendo nintendo and square enix have been doing great work together in regards to the nintendo switch with releases like octopath , for nintendo switch on the nintendo switch a gamefaqs message board topic titled will final fantasy vii remake be on switch page 6, final fantasy 7 remake update nintendo switch release date boost final fantasy 7 remake fans hoping that cloud strifes hidef return to midgar could be given a nintendo switch release date Description: The Pictures of final fantasy 6 remake switch from