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amazons choice for final fantasy 13 ps4 final fantasy x x2 hd remaster standard edition playstation 4 may 12 2015 esrb rating teen by square enix playstation 4 1899 18 99 1999 prime free shipping on eligible orders more buying choices 1150 79 used new offers 47 out of 5 stars 380, as there has yet to be an official announcement regarding the release of final fantasy xiii on ps4 or xbox one we dont know whether the game will be a complete remaster a spruced up version or a simple port but it appears that it could be on the cards for release ahead of final fantasy xv this september at least that would make sense, honestly the final fantasy 13 trilogy werent that bad unfortunately baring the final fantasy name there are high standards to live up to final fantasy 13 trilogy just didnt cut it of all the final fantasy games released by squarenix these almost 30 years this was a low standard in the franchise and that is unacceptable, subreddit for all things final fantasy subreddit rules keep it civil please be polite and respectful to others dont call people names or make personal attacks final fantasy 13 for ps4

FFXV Demo Runs At 900p On PS4 Sub 800p On Xbox One

i think the final fantasy xiii trilogy on one disc for ps4 on one disc is actually going to be a possibility it would be a nice addition to the final fantasy 30 th anniversary collection along with the final fantasy x hd remaster and final fantasy xii the zodiac age remaster, today was the press conference event but we didnt get anything for ffxiii no trilogy coming for ps4 damn im disappointed just hoping it will eventually happen though

final fantasy xiii is a roleplaying and scifi video game developed and published by square enix the game supports singleplayer mode and acts as the 13 th title in the series of final fantasy video game, i discuss the possibilities and evidence in being a final fantasy xiii hd collection for the trilogy coming to ps4 join the final fantasy community at httpwww , final fantasy xiii was one of the greatest games on the ps3 next to the last of us and dmc devil may cry and those games got ps4 remasters i would like to see the ffxiii remasters on ps4, final fantasy xiii trilogy is coming to ps4 during the next year the bundle will include final fantasy xiii xiii2 and lightning returns on separate discs to be enjoined in 1080p and 60fps i have a ps4 and have been dissappointed by the pc release seeing as how they arent likely to do any Description: The Images of final fantasy 13 for ps4 from