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ficus pumila creeping fig or climbing fig is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry family native to east asia china japan vietnam and naturalized in parts of the southeastern and southcentral united states it is also found in cultivation as a houseplant, ficus pumila commonly called creeping fig is a vigorous fastgrowing evergreen climbing vine that from a distance simply does not look much like a fig where it may be grown outdoors it will climb and cover walls posts trellises and other structures by adhesive aerial rootlets outdoor plants can grow to 15 or more, the ficus pumila features pretty green leaves and grows as a vine or groundcover the ficus genus contains some of the most beautiful widespread and important plants in the world native to the tropics and subtropics ficus are important food plants landscape plants houseplants and even religious plants, creeping fig the creeping fig is also known as the climbing fig which is primarily grown outdoors as a climbing vine however the ficus pumila is also grown as an ornamental house plant successfully indoors view on amazon ficus pumila

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design ideas the very best selfclinging vine for covering sheltered fences and walls plant in small vine pocket openings in paving to grow up an arbor plant in shaded entryways under covered patio and on protected fences and freestanding walls, product description the creeping fig ficus pumila is native to vietnam china and japan

plant care guide for the ficus pumila creeping fig the ficus pumila is a plant more commonly called creeping fig its earned this latter moniker because its a climbing vinelike plant whose suctionlike properties enable it to cling to a wall and grow upward, ficus repens the creeping fig plant also called ficus pumila or ficus repens is a tiny leafed plant native to japan vietnam and china it is an excellent table plant hanging plant or climbing plant, browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about creeping fig climbing fig creeping ficus ficus pumila supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at daves garden, paper written by logan dodson the two common names for ficus pumila are climbing fig and creeping fig ficus pumila is an invasive species from japan and china it is imported and primarily used as a ground cover in tropical climates because it grows quickly and covers everything in the vicinity starr et al 2003 Description: The Pics of ficus pumila from