Fallout 76 Other Vaults

we recently got a chance to hang out with the team over at bethesda to check out fallout 76 for ourselves while also learning even more about the online journey ahead, fallout 76s wasteland is full of surprisesthis includes other vaults to find as well as a surprise examination you suddenly find yourself takingvault 76 of course is the eponymous main , while entering other vaults wont be an option at the time of fallout 76s launch this november the team gave a broad reasoning for the exclusion fallout 76 other vaults

Fallout 76 Will Not Be Fallout Rust Edition Bethesda Says

vault 76 appears in fallout 76 it is mentioned in a terminal entry found in the citadel in fallout 3 an alien log in the mothership zeta addon and by a newscaster at the start of fallout 4

there are actually three other vaults in the world each possessing a unique air of mystique but if youre more curious about how the game is overall read our fallout 76 review vault 94, fallout 76 selffallout submitted 2 months ago by kensuga i was able to clip into 3 other vaults639496 via secret methods and here are a few screenshots of the interiors i got, vault 76 gives fallout 76 its titular number but there are other vaults in postapocalyptic west virginia and at least some of them will open up after the game launches Description: The Pictures of fallout 76 other vaults from https://segmentnext.com/2018/06/01/fallout-76-will-not-be-fallout-rust-edition-bethesda-says-we-wont-be-disappointed/