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the fun doesnt have to end in final fantasy xv after the credits roll in fact youre just getting started at that point here well take you through the ending of the game and what comes after, final fantasy xv ending explained in a oneonone fight noctis manages to defeat ardyn with his newfound power from the crystal but the only way to fully upend the daemon infestation is to purge the soul of ardyn in the afterlife thus noctis gives up his own life in order to use the power of the lucean lineage from the realm beyond, the ending without context is unmeaning full the thing i get is because luna died the world will always get in to darkness and that is because of the lucis line and the cristal so the lucis line must dissapear for the world to live ending of final fantasy xv

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final fantasy xv gets an alternate ending with new dlc episodes in 2019 according to a pax panel captured by resetera the new dlc begins launching in 2019 starting with an episode all about ff15s least trustable dude the fourth episode is due by the end of spring starring noctis and adding an alternate ending, final fantasy xvs director clears up a major ending plot point if you read any further you will be spoiled final fantasy xv concludes in tragedy as the protagonist noctis sacrifices his life to prevent the antagonist ardyn from completely destroying the world the last thing we see is an image of noctis and his bridetobe luna, in the united kingdoms allformat gaming charts ending december 3 final fantasy xv was the second biggest launch for the series after final fantasy xiii according to the december data released by the npd group final fantasy xv was the second bestselling title of the month behind call of duty infinite warfare

over two years have passed since the release of final fantasy xv at the end of november 2018 square enix has continued to actively support the game with updates and dlc but apparently its , final fantasy xv is set in the world of eos which is mostly under the control of the niflheim with the notable exception of the kingdom of lucis, i appreciate that final fantasy xv lets us troll its ending final fantasy xv s ending is a trainwreck so its fitting that the game lets us choose to make it even goofier spoilers for the ending of final fantasy xv follow really i shouldnt say ending like many a jrpg before it final fantasy xv ends in waves Description: The Pics of ending of final fantasy xv from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dephoNzqSdk