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how to use dotard in a sentence example sentences with the word dotard dotard example sentences, sentence examples but his wouldbe debonair selfsatisfied yet insecure dotard could not be more appropriately laughable or pitiful some people including some opponents seem to feel that this malevolent dotard was somewhere innocent of proper thought and responsibility, choose a language then type a word below to get example sentences for that word, there is nothing in my house except fools and a dotard and two childrenpearl s buck the good earth dotard used in a sentence

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dotard is a word that is rarely used in the english language though there is a related word that is well known to most english speakers we will examine the definition of the word dotard and where it came from as well as a more common related word that is often used and some examples of that use in sentences, my father spry and active at age 85 is nodotard dotard someone who is old and frail or forgetful

how to use dotard in a sentence is shown in this page check the meaning of dotard 12 examples of dotard in a sentence recent examples on the web madman rogue gangster frightened barking dog time traveler for dotard the first known use of dotard was in the 14th century see more words from the same century, dotard in a sentence july 26 2018 sentence dictionary lord wellington is for you only a decayed old gentleman now i rather think some of you have called him a dotard you have taunted him with his age and the loss of his physical vigour, sentence examples for dotard but in the histories of the wars with his vassals he is often little more than a tyrannical dotard who is made to submit to gross insult how to use dotard in a sentence is shown in this page check the meaning of dotard, definition of dotard distributives are determiners that are used to talk about how something is shared out or divided the distributives are each every either and neither they are used with a singular noun each chi Description: The Pictures of dotard used in a sentence from