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Check Your Skill LevelHighvery Highnormal Alternative

its been another week and that means we have a brand new heroes of the week watch it if you prefer on youtube if you missed last weeks write up you can read it here up and coming leshrac 54 winrate in high rated pubs 1st pick hero atos is amazing on leshrac and atos is absurdly strong right now

thanks for checking out my dota 2 content if you have any questions the best way to get a hold of me is to tweet me business inquiry businesspurgegamers, when tf2 went freetoplay there was a large influx of little kids or noobs to differentiate who were the noobs and good players you would see the persons loadout it was very rare for a f2p to get good hats and items as they were more expensive and rarer back in the day Description: The Pics of dotabuff what is high skill from