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kyle melonzz freedman is an american former professional american heroes of newerth player who switched full time to dota 2 in mid2014 he is currently teamless, kyle kyle freedman is a professional dota 2 player from the united states he is currently playing for complexity gaming , eul is the original inventor of defense of the ancients dota he developed his map inspired by aeon of strife aos a starcraft custom map developed by a mapmaker named aeon64, complexity gaming dota 2 news kyle freedman complexity gaming has made quite the name in the professional scene of dota 2 plus with the team just recently recruiting two new brothers after being picked up by nfl giants the dallas cowboys the sky was the limit for the north american team dota kyle

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cols dota 2 team became active again with their appearance in joindota special masters ii with bulba and korok playing as temporary members on august 27 2014 complexity announced that it would return to dota 2 by signing staygreen a former heroes of newerth team consisting of swindlemelonzz limmp zfreek riser and moonmeander, kyle put his money where his mouth was and paid the security deposit taking that risk upon himself to do what he thought was best for the team when in 2016 i informed kyle and the dota team that we were going to have to drop the team because we were unable to generate enough sponsor interest to support the division kyle stepped up once more

for example he kept joking at how teams needed an na player even adopting honorary americans like kingrd after their game 1 win vs vp and after godz poked fun at the idea kyle just says that australia as a continent sucks at dota i think that was the sequence i was setting up a new tv at the time and was only partially listening, swindlezzmelonzz is a former hon pro currently captaining complexitys dota team his oncamera personality is quite polarizing and he is often criticized for his individual performances regardless his team has made it to three majors and a ti under his leadership as a player swindlezz has played as a mid and offlaner as well as a support, earlier today i informed kyle freedman that he was being removed from his position in our dota 2 team and released from the organization this action is a result of our dota 2 teams unanimous opinion that the personality conflicts within the team were too severe to continue, kyle is a lot more agressive synderen is very hesitant to point fingers he will try to see every angle if maybe there was a reason for it kyle doesnt hold back if he thinks you fucked up hes gonna tell you you fucked up Description: The Wallpaper of dota kyle from