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dota hero voice

Hero Discussion Of This Day Omniknight 22 February 2014

dota 2 hero quotes forum index dota 2 general post a reply 1 2 next all of course if it fits the situation between the heroes no need to try amass one for everyones skill sets i really like the overall voice effects and soundbits in dota2 so far gives a nice little touch, loading hero data filter

you get the first two ones after playing a game and reach level 1 with a hero then at 6 12 18 25 you can see them all at heroes tab hero next rewards located on the right side of the level bar, the voices of dota 2 simon mattsson me doing some random impressions of a massive bunch of characters from dota 2 people have requested multiple times that i would do this and now i have , you instantly unlock 2 of the voice lines for a hero if you win a game with them then after that you gotta do challenges and stuff to level them up and get a higher level in order to flex the fancy icon and such we are literally league now lol, dota 2 no heroes voice and announcer solved im already check that and the volume lvl is max its just hero voice and announcer i can hear ambiance sounds and creeps attack try going into audio settings ingame check all your levels are correct i did it and everythings is max 6 Description: The Wallpaper of dota hero voice from