Dota 2 With Steam Controller


thoughts on steam controller for dota 2 i recently just received my steam controller and lets just say i am fairly excited although i originally bought this in the hope that i can play my fps games eg csgo l4d2 like i do for splatoon the only game that amounts to any hours i play nowadays is dota 2, hey guys this is a quick demo of the layout of a steam controller while playing dota 2 ive played about 70 games of dota 2 and a couple hundred games of league im not completely new but also , you scrub you say isnt playing dota 2 on a controller madness to which ill reply unless you are a mutant and you find using mouse and keyboard in a sofa comfortable then yes it is go to your steam library right click dota 2 go to properties local files browse local files there is a way to set xbox type controller to play dota 2 with steam controller

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the mostplayed game on steam every day millions of players worldwide enter battle as one of over a hundred dota heroes and no matter if its their 10th hour of play or 1000th theres always something new to discover dota 2 has truly taken on a life of its own one battlefield infinite possibilities when it comes to diversity of , some steam machine beta testers have already shown that games like dota 2 and street fighter 4 can be played on a steam controller but those early users are playing those games in legacy mode , of course valve is aware that the steam controller wont be able to match the current dota 2 experience one hundred percent they do believe however that they can get up to 90 percent they do believe however that they can get up to 90 percent

the place for all pc controller and steam link users share innovative configs and tricks ask for tech support and read news about everything controller and couch gaming in the steam ecosystem configuration a guide to using the controller for dota 2 selfsteamcontroller a guide to using the steam controller for dota 2 x post r , valves hardest game is even harder with a game pad so we tried to win our firstever match on a controller, i am not interested in playing dota 2 with a controller but instead i am interested in spectating dota 2 matches from my couch using a controller i mean moving camera switching stats graph etc it would be a great feature for steam os Description: The Pictures of dota 2 with steam controller from