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kaolin the earth spirit is a melee strength hero with great utility possessing a wide array of disables in all of his basic abilities unlike most heroes his abilities revolve around an innate ability stone remnant which allows him to place statues that can be used to augment his abilitiesusing his abilities in tandem with these remnants earth spirit can slow enemies with boulder smash , notes wex interrupts invokers channeling spells upon cast wex can be leveled 7 times at levels 135791113 invoker can only have up to 3 instances up at any time the orbs floating above invoker are visible to everyone, oto wszystkie postacie gry dota 2 dota 2 wiki jest społecznością fandomu gry, prismatic gem zmienia kolor niezwykłych efektów które mogą być wykorzystane wyłącznie na niestandardowych kurierów z nietypowymi efektami klejnot z ethereal gem lista prismatic gemów pochodzi z dota2gamepedia dota 2 wiki earth spirit

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the power to summon or create meteors and have them crash down at the targets subpower of space rock manipulation variation of gravity projectile technique of cosmic manipulation user can summon or create meteors causing massive and widespread damage, legacy of kain is a series of actionadventure video games primarily developed by crystal dynamics and published by square enix europe formerly eidos interactivethe first title blood omen legacy of kain was created by silicon knights in association with crystal dynamics but after a legal battle crystal dynamics retained the rights to the games intellectual property and continued its

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