Dota 2 Ward Spots


new ward spots and terrain changes in 700 by skim on dec 14 2016 2108 utc with the biggest balance change in dota 2 yet valve has made drastic changes to the map and its terrain creating several new neutral camps and with them new paths and treelines to look out for, new ward spots and terrain changes in 707 by skim on nov 4 2017 2008 utc especially ones close to the river those ward spots technically remain they just provide worse vision than before ie they have been nerfed dota is deaththanks idio 20171112 707 is bad patch i prefer to retired then playing this dota4, dota 2 dota 2 best cheeky warding spots in 706 by alex dyet jul 24 201719k these ward spots are obvious and easy to deward so dont throw wards up at these locations unless youre expecting to fight around that area soon or you have good reasons to believe that it could go undetected for the next six minutes dota 2 ward spots

I Made A Map Of Ward Spots That Are Harder For The Enemy

dota 2 replay analysis playlisthttpswwwyoutubecomplaylistlistpljyk48r9nsfdw8s8e1x2zhqadlcserjy dota 2 tips and tricks playlisthttpswwwyoutube, in this video we showcase the best observer and sentry ward locations in dota 2 patch 703 these placements are sure to provide helpful vision of the map whilst ensuring enemies are unlikely to , therefore we decided to analyze the promatches on the new patch and highlight the most popular positions for warding we have taken professional matches since the release of patch 720 dpl season 6 joindota league 14 aef dota 2 pro league season 1 and visualized the positions of the location of the wizard using the kmeans algorithm

a basic guide to warding in dota 2 with new map changes comes a new roshan spot and with a new roshan spot comes new ways to ward it two ward hills one in the radiant jungle and the other in the dire jungle provide adequate vision of roshans pit but there are other spots that provide better vision that are not located in as obvious , dota 2 best warding spots in 706 july 27 2017 admin dota 2 gaming 0 being good at warding is a skill that often gets overlooked but if youve played enough dota you know that vision can make or break a game, dota 2 ultimate guide to warding gso wed 28th mar 2012 537pm you think you know how to ward i tried my best to consider almost every single good ward spots but it is by no means an exhaustive list i hope your creativity takes you beyond this guide the basics Description: The Pics of dota 2 ward spots from