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void the hardest carry in dota nlsnightmare21 december 12 2012 1 introduction 2 when to pick 3 pros cons 4 skills 5 build justification 6 items and justification 7 so as you may have noticed i have 3 skill builds for faceless void the first one named defencive should be used only if the enemy team is harrashing you , faceless void build for high mmr by aguythatlikespancakes updated march 28 2015 683c guide 0 votes 30k 2 faceless void lane by jadow updated march 22 2015 683c 0 votes 17k 0 dotafire defense of the ancients dota 2 is a multiplayer action rts game it began as a usermade modification for warcraft 3 and has grown into one of , view statistics top players and guides for faceless void on dotabuff, view statistics top players and guides for faceless void on dotabuff dota 2 void build

Dota 2 Build Dota 2 Faceless Void Build Guide

upon cast any damage faceless void took in the last 2 seconds gets healed back up this includes damage dealt by allies since it is a heal it is fully affected by heal manipulation in dota faceless voids alternatefun name is gorzerk faceless voids death response play unkind , darkterror the faceless void is a visitor from claszureme a realm outside of time it remains a mystery why this being from another dimension believes the struggle

faceless voidguide from dota 2 wiki faceless void unlike other agilitybased carries he does not farm many survivability items rather faceless void builds for as much damage output as possible and then casts chronosphere to immobilize multiple enemies at once so that he can kill numerous foes during a fight while they are unable , recommended faceless void abilities item builds and strategies to help you dominate dota 2, on dota 2 highlights tv channel you can find highlights from major tournaments dota 2 gameplay videos with pro dota 2 players and many other interesting dota 2 movies like and comment your , dota 2 faceless void build guide the best guide for faceless void on the earth 100 guarantee for your success in pub game or in competitive game best guide for the heros maximum potential Description: The Images of dota 2 void build from