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英雄之城战号响重庆 major决战将临 in chinese weibo starladder 10 january 2019 on january 19th kicks off the main stage of the chongqing major , the chongqing major main event bracket has been set and sixteen of the top dota teams in the world now wage battle over the winners share of the 1000000 usd and 15000 dpc points that hang in the balance

the latest tweets from dota 2 reddit dota2reddit posts from the front page of the dota 2 subreddit httpstcooplkliwgst world, the china dota2 supermajor is the final major of the dota pro circuitthe tournament has a prizepool of 1500000 usd 2250 dpc points up for grabs 16 of the best teams of the world will come to shanghai for the final test before the international 2018 from june 2nd to the 10th the final two days of the main event june 9th10th will take place in the yuanshen gymnasium next to the , in microblogging site weibo professional dota 2 chinese players aired out their sentiments reddit user yyhfhbw collated the weibo posts and provided some english translations, relating to a reddit post by gabe newell firing the host of the shanghai major james 2gd harding and calling him an ass the chinese dota 2 team and lebron james relation a tournament or made a oustanding play in positive and negative meaning while playing a game not necessarily dota 2 2016 memes Description: The Wallpaper of dota 2 reddit chinese from