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league of legends prize pool compared to dota 2 selfleagueoflegends submitted 3 years ago by starter91 i still do not get it dota 2 prize pool is 184 million dollars at the moment , how big do you guys personally think this years tis prize pool will be and why i personally have an ominous feeling that it will either, he started making funny dota 2 content recently lets welcome him to the community welcome to reddit the front page of the internet valve need to think to distribute the pool prize also to the 2nd 3rd tier team maybe finalist or semi finalist of regional qualifer so it give a chance to them to grow and eventually expand competition , i actually would like an option to just donate entirely to the prize pool without getting any hats i dont play dota anymore but i watch it a lot so its a bit silly for me to get the compendium but id like to give something to the prize pool dota 2 prize pool reddit

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reddit tencent qq vk weibo whatsapp tools general recent changes pending changes random page the prize pool for the finals is 1000000 usd and 15000 pro circuit points place usd dpc points team 1st 350000 dota 2 20181128, watching in the dota 2 client lets you control your own camera or even see the proplayer perspective battle pass owners can also make ingame battle predictions for a chance at bonus battle points 25 of the proceeds of all battle pass sales go directly to the international prize pool

dotafire autochess tournament 2 50 prize pool 64 players sunday 17th march open registration selfautochess submitted 8 hours ago by dotafire hades4u announcement hello rautochess , it would for sure have negative effect on prize pool tho most people in community want it but at the same time most people only buy compendium and barely any levels would you rather have 5mil less in prize pool and 6 month trade lock or about the same or higher prize pool and 18 month trade lock, dota 2 official website dota 2 wiki games to watch patch thread archive more resources ti7 battlepass prizepool prediction discussion the final prize pool was 20770460 that means that reddit was 300 thousand dollars off and since it was so close to the border between the two predictions , this site aims to keep track of all the dota 2 tournaments that make use of the prize pool funding system that uses sales from the tournaments dota tv ticketsbundles in order to increase their overall prize pool Description: The Images of dota 2 prize pool reddit from