Dota 2 Offlane Meta


dotabuff is the leading statistics and community website for dota 2, vengeful spirit has been impressively successful in the highest skill bracket 5735 win rate in the last month and 60 win rate over the last week make her the best hero in the current meta at least according to stats, top offlane heroes in the current meta dota 2 guide gameleap learn from the pros gain mmr and enjoy dota 2 more omg world record 6000 dmg 1 hit 50 kills lion craziest meta the most dota 2 offlane meta

Top Offlane Heroes In The Current Meta Dota 2 Guide

new to dota 2 click here read before posting subreddit faq subreddit rules message the moderators can we talk about how the offlane meta changed in 706 discussion did a kunkka offlane one game and then night stalker 3 times in a row won all of them, the safe lane also referred to as easy lane or short lane is the lane where the tier 1 tower is farthest from the ancient and closest to the creep line for radiant this is the bottom lane for dire this is the top lane

dota 2 717 underlord gameplay commentary live stream httpwwwtwitchtvdannygamingnc subscribe for more httpswwwyoutubecomuserdannygam playlists , you said you played since beta but the current offlane meta is better than the ti2 era where you would be level 1 at like 10 minutes while 2 supports would still be in lane permalink embed, weve even had patches where teams would essentially draft three dps core in each lane and that made the offlane meta pretty narrow luckily 721 is slightly different barefooted he outpaces half of the dota 2 roster with brown boots ursa can just run at you and demand an immediate response he needs to be disabled Description: The Pics of dota 2 offlane meta from