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the chongqing major main event bracket has been set and sixteen of the top dota teams in the world now wage battle over the winners share of the 1000000 usd and 15000 dpc points that hang in the balance, hero leveling introducing the hero talent tree the ancients have unveiled a new way to help heroes adapt to the needs of each battle every hero has gained a series of hero talents that players can select at levels 10152025 offering powerful augmentations to their capabilities, from each sale contributes to the total tournament prize pool compendium enabled fantasy enabled, defense of the ancients allstars or simply dota allstars a variant of the custom map defense of the ancients for warcraft iii the frozen throne by blizzard entertainment the objective is to destroy the opponents world tree if one is affiliated with the undead scourge side or to destroy the opponents frozen throne if one is affiliated with the night elf sentinels using ones hero along dota 2 hero spotlight zeus

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but the dota 2 version of mars is not really the mars from roman mythology seeing as hes wearing greek armor and in dota lore he was greek god of war ares in the past but he changed his name to mars, dota 2 channel noobfromua dendi pudge miracle singsing and 2 ez 4 arteezy valve video policy httpsstoresteampoweredcomvideopolicy wanna donate , thanks for checking out my dota 2 content if you have any questions the best way to get a hold of me is to tweet me business inquiry businesspurgegamers, videos playing from the archive 247 vote on what plays next with other giant bomb members Description: The Wallpaper of dota 2 hero spotlight zeus from