Does Xbox 360 Have Hard Disk Drive

this is the biggest capacity hard drive for the xbox 360 you can get this hard drive is fully compatible with the xbox 360 e and xbox 360 s consoles just plug it in and youre ready to go with 500gb of memory average user will be just fine its also original product of microsoft so you shouldnt have any problems, answers depends on what your old xbox 360 is you cannot use a hard drive from the older white xbox on a new black xbox if you are upgrading this way i believe that you can transfer file from the old hard drive to the new but just swapping them out is simply not possible the old xboxs and the new slim have different hard drives, it says on the xbox 360 online description that you need a hard disk to go on xbox live i was wondering if i got a xbox 360 arcade that does not have a hard disk as your discription says i could just get a 20g hard drive and be able to go on xbox live, the console does not detect the hard drive turn your xbox 360 console off and then on again turn off your console and then remove the xbox 360 hard drive turn your console on and then off again reattach the hard drive and then turn your console on again if you have another hard drive try it with your console does xbox 360 have hard disk drive

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i have a toshiba 1t hard drive that i want to use to store all my xbox 360 save files it keeps telling me i need to format it in order to do that, remove a hard drive from the original xbox 360 console locate the hard drive on the top of the console or on the left side depending on how the console is oriented note not all xbox 360 consoles include a hard drive press the release button on the hard drive lift the hard drive away from the console

according to microsoft the xbox 360 only supports external usb drives when using the fat32 file system by default most hard drives these days are formatted with ntfs if youre using windows or ext4 if you are using linux in order to use the drive with your xbox 360 you will have to reformat it to fat32, enhance your xbox 360 experience with downloaded media and xbox games this hard drive for the xbox 360 provides an allpurpose storage solution for media lovers and gamers alike, top voted answer i dont have a hard drive and im trying to find a way in which i can play this game without one because this isnt my 360 and i rented the game from blockbuster for the next 5 days but yeah the hard drive will allow you to cache files and install games so everything is bound to run a lot faster than off the dvd, does the xbox 360 support external hard drives i am gonna buy a 4 tb external hard drive for my xbox one this week i know its overkill but i wanna have a lot of storage space i was wondering if the xbox 360 also supports external hard drives cause if they do ill buy another 4 tb for my 360 like that i can install every game i own on it Description: The Pictures of does xbox 360 have hard disk drive from