Disney Infinity Starter Pack Xbox 360


includes video game and infinity base also includes base piece that allows access to 3 infinity characters monsters university pirates of the caribbean and the incredibles and 3 infinity characters mr incredible jack sparrow and sulley disney infinity starter pack xbox 360

DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Standard EBay

why cant i play with all my characters in the play sets what consoles and platforms is disney infinity available on what are sparks stars and spins

i like it a lot but feel disney dropped the ball with the whole infinity series too much they could have approached the whole system from a different angle and created new stories included more beloved characters with their own games to play and it would have made the whole infinity universe so much better Description: The Images of disney infinity starter pack xbox 360 from http://www.ebay.com/itm/DISNEY-INFINITY-Starter-Pack-Xbox-360-Xbox-360-Standard-/171924783485