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60 fps on consoles gears 5 first introduced in gears of war 4 the main protagonist of gears 5 is kait diaz 90s super gp a kickstarterfunded racing game inspired by the great arcade racers of the 90s super smash bros ultimate nintendos flagship party platform fighters switch debut , list of console games that run at 60fps killerjuan77 may 11 2009 623 am hi i was wondering which are the console games that run at 60 fps im curious about that , these video games will run at 4k60fps on xbox one x packing 4k resolution and 60 frames per second forza might be the most technically demanding console game around but there are a few more titles offering 4k and 60fps on the new console for one weve got f1 2017 with codemasters telling gaming bolt that it was targeting 4k and 60fps console games at 60fps

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naturally many 2dimensional games do not put much stress on console hardware so most of those games are 60 fps compared to fully polygonal 3d games some game engines have been optimized very well on a given console platform and can handle the graphical needs of a particular game, even if you disagree with this notion please enlighten me how getting 60fps on console would do any harm to you would you not sacrifice a few mere pixels for a smoother and fairer game would you not want everyone to have a fair chance in the fight and fight honorably

this is like comparing playing crysis at 1080p and 60fps and super mario bros 3 at 1080p and 60fps can the consoles play a game like crysis at 1080p and 60fps no could they play sm3 at the same disregarding liscensing issues yes but who gives a shit how is that in anyway showing off the capability of the console, solved new gtx 760 with a i5 760 31ghz and cant play most of the games 60fps cant play games at 60 fps all the command are listed for console use to optimize the game depending on your , most games for the soontobe last generation of consoles run games at both 30 and 60fps as it is and these games are pretty much at height of the hardwares life cycle Description: The Images of console games at 60fps from