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the commodore 64 games system often abbreviated c64gs is the cartridgebased home video game console version of the popular commodore 64 home computerit was released in december 1990 by commodore into a booming console market dominated by nintendo and segait was only released in europe and was a considerable commercial failure the c64gs came bundled with a cartridge that featured four , the commodore 64 also known as the c64 or the cbm 64 is an 8bit home computer introduced in january 1982 by commodore international first shown at the consumer electronics show in las vegas january 710 1982 it has been listed in the guinness world records as the highestselling single computer model of all time with independent estimates placing the number sold between 10 and 17 commodore 64 games system wikipedia

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commodore 64 tunnetaan myös nimillä c64 c64 c 64 tai joskus cbm 64 tai vic64 on commodore business machinesin elokuussa vuonna 1982 julkaisema jättimäisen suosion saavuttanut kotitietokonesen valmistuksen päättymiseen 1993 mennessä sitä oli myyty arviolta 1730 miljoonaa kappaletta ympäri maailman guinness world recordsin mukaan c64 on kaikkien aikojen myydyin , the commodore 64 is the worlds biggest selling computer model of all times it was a 64k machine based on the motorola 6502 processor and the entire unit was basically a fat keyboard with ports for attaching displays drives and other peripherals

il commodore 64 abbreviazioni diffuse c64 c64 è un home computer della commodore business machines inc commercializzato dal 1982 al 1994 fu immesso sul mercato due anni dopo il commodore vic20 con capacità di memoria grafiche e sonore superiori rispetto a questultimo oltre una buona compatibilità software e hardwarela macchina venne venduta sino al fallimento della società , der commodore 64 kurz c64 umgangssprachlich 64er oder brotkasten ist ein 8bitheimcomputer mit 64 kb arbeitsspeicher seit seiner vorstellung im januar 1982 auf der winter consumer electronics show war der von commodore gebaute c64 mitte bis ende der 1980er jahre sowohl als spielcomputer als auch zur softwareentwicklung äußerst populär er gilt als der meistverkaufte heimcomputer Description: The Wallpaper of commodore 64 games system wikipedia from