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the structure is made by placing coke oven bricks in a 3x3x3 cube without the middle block 104 brick and 130 sand are required to create one coke oven a total of 26 coke oven bricks a coke oven you will know that the structure is complete when a window appears in the center block on each side of the coke oven, coke oven immersive engineering after about 50 seconds that coal will produce one coal coke and 500 mb of creosote oil in the case of the block of coal it will take about 450 seconds and produce one block of coal coke and 5000 mb of creosote oil thus making it more efficient, this article is a disambiguation page for coke oven the following is a list of links to pages that share the same title or have similar meanings if an internal link led you here you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article, coke oven railcraft one coal will create one coal coke and 500 mb it takes 1800 ticks 90 seconds per piece of charcoal or coal coke which is about 96 minutes per stack cooking a block of coal directly into a block of coal coke takes 16200 ticks which is equivalent to cooking 9 items individually coke oven minecraft

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its time to make coke in the oven in this episode we take a look at the coke oven the very first machine you need to make in immersive engineering everything takes treated wood and that needs , you can get nether brick by compressing netherrack in a compressor and in minecraft 15 you can get nether bricks by smelting netherrack into nether brick four of which can be crafted into a nether bricks as if netherrack were clay two blast furnace bricks will be left over after constructing the furnace

in this video we go over the coke oven from railcraft i go through how to do everything to this machine from building it all the way up to automating it please let me know if you have any , description the oven can be loaded and unloaded via loaders or buildcraft pipes the entire 33 oven is treated as a single block similar to a large chest coal or wood is loaded into the top coke or charcoal is unloaded from the sides creosote oil from any side and if you wish to pipe in empty liquid containers, the coke oven is a furnace that converts coal to coal coke and wood to charcoal for free it is also the only source of creosote oil besides finding it in a dungeon and burning charcoal in a furnace in the 540 update of railcraft creosote oil was changed to a liquid and now outputs into the internal tank, coke oven immersive engineering this article is a stub you can help the wiki by expanding it coke oven is a multiblock machine added by the immersive engineering mod it turns coal into coke coal and creates creosote as a byproduct it also has other uses Description: The Images of coke oven minecraft from