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in real life pteranodon males were 56 meters in wingspan while females were 38 meters in wingspantheir wings were similar in shape to those of an albatross which use their wings to glide long distances at sea with occasional bursts of powered flight, diplodocus edit diplodocus is a large late jurassic sauropod from the famous morrison formation in the usa diplodocus was at one point the largest dinosaur in the world in terms of length with a graceful long neck and tail at near equal lengths, trimucrodon article by the paleo show 30122016 ps none of the images presented are mine all of them are from their respective authors, allosaurus was a theropod dinosaur from late jurassic north america and portugal the name allosaurus alosoarus means different lizard it measured over 43 feet long and weighing 4 tons it was considered one of if not only the largest predator that lived on the land in the late jurassic era 165000000145000000 bce ceratosaurus walking with wikis fandom powered by wikia

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great a spinoraptor another aggressive carnivore to drop into a world of potential meals walking around in souvenir tshirts and cargo shorts spinoraptor is a genetically modified species of dinosaur created by dr henry wu by combining the base genome of spinosaurus with that of, welcome welcome to when dinosaur roamed america wiki the wiki dedicated to when dinosaurs roamed america that anyone can edit wikis dedicated to dinosaur tv shows andys dinosaurprehistoric adventures dinosaur planet dinosaur revolution extreme dinosaurs jurassic fight club

behind the scenes the concept was made by fred wierum and was revealed by dondi on november 3 2016 dondi also revealed that both versions of the spinosaurus in the isle were blended together to make the hyperendocrin spinosaurusa model for the hyperendocrin spinosaurus was revealed by jake baardse on november 18 2016, allosaurus was a large theropod from the late jurassicabout 145155 million years ago allosaurus has been found in north america europe and africa this makes it a very wide ranging dinosaur its also the most commonly found large theropod from the jurassic, at 12 metres long allosaurus is one of the largest carnivores for jurassic world operations on isla nublar and the muertes archipelagothe base genome of the allosaurus is a blueish grey body a cream underbelly light grey stripes covering its entire back and a pair of red brow crests above its eyes behaviour edit allosaurus is a large solitary theropod that doesnt tolerate other large , the carnotaurus is the main villain in the 2013 the asylum mockbuster age of dinosaurs it is a dinosaur but its about the size of a velociraptor Description: The Wallpaper of ceratosaurus walking with wikis fandom powered by wikia from http://parody.wikia.com/wiki/Ceratosaurus_(dinosaur)