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cells accumulate damage over time but this may be counterbalanced by natural selection to remove damaged cells in particular dna damage eg due to reactive oxygen species leads to the accumulation of harmful somatic mutations in most multicellular species somatic cells eventually experience replicative senescence and are unable to dividethis can prevent highly mutated cells from cel damage wikipedia

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pierderile omenești în cel deal doilea război mondial se situează la circa 72 de milioane de victimedintre acestea în jur de 47 de milioane au fost victime din cadrul populației civile incluzând aici și 20 de milioane de morți din cauza foametei și a bolilor cauzate de război

alfred the great old english Ælfrēd Ælfrǣd elfcounsel or wiseelf between 847 and 849 26 october 899 was king of wessex from 871 to c 886 and king of the anglosaxons from c 886 to 899 he was the youngest son of king Æthelwulf of wessexhis father died when he was young and three of alfreds brothers reigned in turn alfred took the throne after the death of his brother Description: The Pics of cel damage wikipedia from https://thefotosgratis.eu/super-cars-wallpaper-paper.html