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cecil harvey is the main protagonist of the final fantasy iv series and one of the protagonists in dissidia final fantasy originally a captain of the baron kingdoms red wings cecil finds himself on a quest of redemption while learning of his lineage, a cg picture of the cast of final fantasy iv excluding cid tellah and fusoya ds final fantasy iv features twelve playable characters with cecil as the main protagonist and the only permanent party member the characters join and leave the party as dictated by the story cecil harvey initially a dark knight and captain of the red wings of baron cecil begins to question his kings , final fantasy wiki is a comprehensive database focusing on the final fantasy video game series the wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise such as elements of storyline gameplay characters creatures locations and more, cecil harvey is a merchant that lives in ebon keep he runs the inn and armor shop in the city cecil is implied to be the character of the same name from final fantasy iv another franchise published by square cecil makes reference to several events of final fantasy iv when he meets the player cecil harvey final fantasy wiki fandom powered by wikia

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heroes from the final fantasy video game series, summary final fantasy is a popular series of role playing games produced by square enix originally square co ltd it may be the most widely distributed game series of all time including both standard console games and portable games a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game games for mobile phones a cgi movie two anime series and a direct to dvd movie, mikoto also known as mysterious girl or girl before revealing her name is a genome in final fantasy ix she is one of the few known genomes created with a soul contentsshow appearance mikoto is blonde wearing her hair with pink clips and has a tail she has bright green eyes and a pale, golbez was originally the main antagonist of final fantasy iv before becoming one of the protagonists in final fantasy iv the after years being the brother of the main protagonist cecil harvey Description: The Pictures of cecil harvey final fantasy wiki fandom powered by wikia from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cecil_Harvey_da_Final_Fantasy_IV.jpg