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know its been a long time since it came out but has there been any kind of new efforts to get gibbed to work with current gen consoles i know can i can still edit the ps3 file and cross save but do you think there will be any life for this in future releases that are only on current gen consoles, xbox 360 gamesaves escort halo 4 100 champions bundle savexbox 360 gamesave escort in xbox 360 gamesaves, horizon is the most uptodate and innovative xbox 360 modding tool on the market in seconds you can achieve 100 completion along with unlimited health endless ammunition bank loads of cash and so much more for your favorite games, borderlands and all its dlc to get xbox one backward compatibility carry your xbox 360 save over too borderlands 2 save editor xbox 360

Borderlands 2 Gibbed Save Editor Xbox 360 Tutorial YouTube

get borderlands the presequel golden keys by redeeming these shift codes new codes are provided by gearbox software and are added frequently these shift codes also work on borderlands the handsome collection which contains bl2 bltps for xbox one and ps4, xbox 360 gamesaves escort solved mx vs atv reflex game save escort in xbox 360 gamesaves

borderlands best gear from gearcalc website borderlands weapon editor v2 helps build weapons from scratch created by synthpixel dead link gear calculator build weapons from scratch and have a variety of weapon stats calculated for you all knoxx guns are now supported, dr tannis easter egg dr tannis the dahl corporation scientist could be found riding a fish while a dramatic soundtrack played in treachers landing in the original borderlands by shooting five barrels in a specific order this can also be done in borderlands 2fast travel to sawtooth cauldron, ign is the leading site for xbox games with expert reviews news previews game trailers cheat codes wiki guides walkthroughs, download willowtree for free willowtree is a save editor for borderlands written in c it can read edit and convert savegame files from pc ps3 and xbox 360 versions of the borderlands game Description: The Pics of borderlands 2 save editor xbox 360 from