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the black mage is the offensive magic caster of the light warriors in the original final fantasy he has the lowest hp out of any character class but he can inflict negative status effects and cause great damage with their black magic the black mage is dressed in a blue cloak with only eyes, black mage can refer to the recurring job the race from final fantasy ix the achievement and trophy from final fantasy xv the enemy from final fantasy crystal chronicles my life as a darklord the enemy from final fantasy brave exvius the enemy from world of final fantasy the enemy, the black mage is a npc vendor that has no special requirements to spawn other than having an unoccupied suitable house in the world upon first appearing the black mage will sell an ice i tome a fire i tome and a quake i tome additional tomes will be available for sale as the player progresses through exploration and world advancement black mage final fantasy final fantasy wiki fandom

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core classes is a unique realm in final fantasy record keeper it contains some of the more common character classes that reoccur in the final fantasy series and unlike other realms it does not refer to a specific game

the red mage is a balanced job skilled in magic and swordsmanship in equal measure their chainspell ability allows for power spell combinations making a magical barrage their best attacking strategy, the english wiki for final fantasy explorers list of jobs freelancer knight monk white mage black mage ranger thief time mage geomancer alchemist ninja , a gaiden game in the unfathomably popular final fantasy series final fantasy tactics advance was released for the game boy advance in the fall of 2003 while it inherited its rpgflavored turnbased strategy engine from its predecessor the original final fantasy tactics its setting and plot Description: The Images of black mage final fantasy final fantasy wiki fandom from