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find reviews trailers release dates news screenshots walkthroughs and more for centipede here on gamespot, battlezone is a firstperson shooter realtime strategy video game developed and published by activisiona remake of the arcade game the same name it was released for microsoft windows in 1998 in 2000 a nintendo 64 port was released under the name battlezone rise of the black dogsaside from the name and presence of tanks this game bears little resemblance to the original, sekiro shadows die twice gameplay overview trailer james gunns suicide squad movie is a total reboot not called suicide squad 2 gamespot universe news update, 1998 saw many sequels and prequels in video games and several new titles such as metal gear solid fzero x the legend of zelda ocarina of time gex enter the gecko xenogears banjokazooie spyro the dragon and medievilthe year has been retrospectively considered one of the best in video gaming due to the release of several critically acclaimed commercially successful and influential battlezone gamespot

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