Are Fortnite Tournaments Crossplay

a brand new way to compete in fortnite battle royale fortnite fans with the release of v610 were excited to introduce ingame tournaments which will be located in the new events section of fortnite battle royale, check your fortnite game stats and leaderboards for mobile xbox ps4 switch and pc visit news for guides skins mobile updates and map are fortnite tournaments crossplay

Fortnite ESports News In Game Tournaments Announcement

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first details on no mans sky beyond the huge new expansion coming to the ps4 scifi adventure this summer hello games is rolling three massive updates into one expansion starting with no mans sky online, welcome to rfortnitecompetitive fortnite battle royale is a freetoplay battle royale game mode developed by epic games this is the developersupported subreddit that is tailored for those who want to keep up to date on the pro scene tournaments competitive plays and figure out new tipstricks on how to play the current meta Description: The Pictures of are fortnite tournaments crossplay from