Are Final Fantasy 11 Servers Still Up

world status is automatically refreshed every five minutes bahamut shiva phoenix carbuncle fenrir sylph valefor leviathan odin quetzalcoatl siren ragnarok, just over a year ago the company announced it would terminate final fantasy 11s servers on consoles at the end of march 2016 as a last hurrah for devotees still logging in on the older hardware square enix wrapped up its storyline over the course of three updates, the ffxi pc servers are still up and theres still monthly subscription fees but when se improved ffxiv a lot of ffxi players switched over i havent played in years but im sure many of the loyal players would happily take you under their wing and help you power level get better gear complete questsetc, alas all good things must come to an end and one of final fantasys most misunderstood chapters is no longer available on two of its platforms as has there are no active ads are final fantasy 11 servers still up

Final Fantasy XIV Update 405 Released Adds Savage Raid

official community site for final fantasy xiv a realm reborn, from the final fantasy xi development team the march version update has landed 03112019 omen light doubleup campaign read on for details from the final fantasy xi development team announcing the next version update 02252019 the next version update is scheduled for midmarch

final fantasy xi is wrapping up on nov 24 final ten days are free from what it sounds like the game will still be playable for a time because square enix has set up some new pc and mobile plans to continue it on but as for story content all that is coming to a close the playstation 2 and xbox 360 servers will also shut down in march this, im playing through every final fantasy game in order but when it comes to 11 and 14 i wasnt sure if i wanted to since theyre mmos and i thought they didnt really have a narrative or story or anything, i host a private final fantasy xi server called supernova i played the game for many many years loved it to death and decided to see what i could come up with on my own if youre interested please feel free to check our our website for more information on the server and how to get it set up, final fantasy xi also known as final fantasy xi online is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game mmorpg developed and published by square later square enix as part of the final fantasy series Description: The Images of are final fantasy 11 servers still up from