allosaurus was a typical large theropod having a massive skull on a short neck a long tail and reduced forelimbs allosaurus fragilis the bestknown species had an average length of 85 m 28 ft with the largest definitive allosaurus specimen amnh 680 estimated at 97 meters 32 feet long and an estimated weight of 23 metric tons 25 short tons, bob strauss is a freelance writer and editor with over 25 years of experience in print and online media he is the author of three books like many early dinosaur discoveries allosaurus bounced around a bit in the classification bins after its type fossil was excavated in the american west in , allosaurus was among the earliest dinosaur discoveries and fossils are plentiful making it a darling of paleontologists as well as amateur dinosaur observers fossils possibly belonging to , behavior edit edit source the allosaurus is an extremely aggressive and dangerous predator even more so when accompanied by its everpresent pack mates approach with caution you may not always have visual on its nearby allies when approaching a singular allosaurus allosaurus

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allosaurus planet dinosaur episode 4 bbc one allosaurus hunting a camptosaurus planet dinosaur one particularly wellpreserved specimen nicknamed big al was found not too long ago in wyomingwhile allosaurus was a hunter it was also a scavenger like all predators, name allosaurus fragilis pronunciation alohsoreus frajilliss age late jurassic 150 million years ago where its found in utah many localities throughout the colorado plateau region of central eastern and southern utah including clevelandlloyd dinosaur quarry emery county and dinosaur national monument uintah county geologic formation morrison formation brushy basin member

information about the dinosaur allosaurus and other prehistoric creatures, allosaurus different lizard was the most common predator of the late jurassic period and the most dangerous like most meateating dinosaurs its jaws were filled with serrated teeth shaped like blades computer studies suggest that allosaurus attacked by using its upper jaw like a machete, history and etymology for allosaurus borrowed from new latin genus name from alloallo saurussaurus note genus name introduced by the american paleontologist othniel charles marsh 183199 in notice of new dinosaurian reptiles from the jurassic formation the american journal of science and arts vol 114 3rd series vol 14 juldec 1877 no 84 pp 51416, my pictophile username is allosaurus i use this channel to upload the worst videos and comments on youtube Description: The Pictures of allosaurus from,_Dinosaur_National_Monument_(7063605345).jpg