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walking with dinosaurs is a sixpart dinosaur television documentary miniseries that was produced by the bbc narrated by kenneth branagh and first aired in the united kingdom in 1999the series was subsequently aired in the united states on the discovery channel with branaghs narration replaced with that of avery brooks, zt2 download library wiki is a fandom games community view mobile site capt marvel hulk thor hulk thor, cameroceras was a huge mollusc from the ordovician period it was the top predatos in the water at that time cameroceras was a long streamlined mollusc it is famous for its long coneshaped shell used for defence, in real life pteranodon males were 56 meters in wingspan while females were 38 meters in wingspantheir wings were similar in shape to those of an albatross which use their wings to glide long distances at sea with occasional bursts of powered flight allosaurus walking with wikis fandom powered by wikia

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real life albertosaurus was a modestlysized predator typically about 9 meters 30 ft in length and weighing anywhere between 13 and 17 tonnes in weight like other tyrannosaurids the 1 meter long head is the primary hunting tool albertosaurus likely hunted animals such as hypacrosaurus anodontosaurus and ornithomimus by using its jaws in the isle, coelophysis was a small theropod dinosaur that lived in the triassic period it was a fast and deadly killer coelophysis was not the apex predator of the triassic period

walking with dinosaurs also known as wwd is a usermade expansion pack made by hendrixit is based on the dinosaur appearances in a mini series with the same name walking with dinosaurs by bbc though hendrix stated that he aimed to make a middle point using the color schemes of the series combined with recent discoveries to make more realistic animals, the largest predatory dinosaur from the late cretaceous period it is the most popular of all the dinosaurs it lived in western north america during the time it lived a life either as a scavenger or a top predator it is believed that they live in packs or killing gangs they where good, smilodon edit smilodon is a large carnivorous mammal from the pleistocene period one of the most iconic animals from this time period along with the woolly mammoth and woolly rhino it is often mistakenly called the sabre toothed tiger despite not being in the same family as tigers pantherinae instead it comes from an extinct cat family called machairodontina, stegosaurus stenops edit stegosaurus is a large herbivorous dinosaur from late jurassic north america a member of the stegosauridae family stegosaurus and its relatives such as kentrosaurus dacentrus and lexovisaurus were common in the jurassic period but became very rare in the early years of the cretaceous with only one species of cretaceous stegosaur found so far the chinese Description: The Pictures of allosaurus walking with wikis fandom powered by wikia from