adverb were about ready to go this one is about as bad as that one thats about all i know at this point its about time to go thats about all the time we have we tried just about everything we could think of preposition a poignant story about a young man who goes off to war about the hedge there was a picket fence, concerned with engaged in doing tell me what its about bring me the other book while youre about it, usage note the preposition about is traditionally used to refer to the relation between a narrative and its subject a book about cézanne a movie about the boston massacre for some time this usage has been extended beyond narratives to refer to the relation between various kinds of nouns and the things they entail or make manifest the party was mostly about showing off their new offices, the researchers noticed many of their pieces of plastic marine debris sported surface pits around two microns across such pits are about the size of a bacterial cell closer examination showed that some of these pits did indeed contain bacteria about


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freelancers and entrepreneurs use aboutme to grow their audience and get more clients get your free page or sign up with facebook google create a page to present who you are and what you do in one link professional take control and centralize your online presence authentic, this is the only reason that should be regarded when talking about this subject there is much more to say about this subject but that has to wait for another time, about as an adverb we use about as an adverb when we talk about time number and quantity about makes the time number or quantity less specific and more approximate , definition of about written for english language learners from the merriamwebster learners dictionary with audio pronunciations usage examples and countnoncount noun labels Description: The Images of about from http://www.crumbproducts.com/pages/about/familyart_charles.html